NAEP Activities in the year 2010-2011
Sl.No Date Name of Activity Classes attended Name of the expert Content Duration
1 2/10/2007 Parent Advocacy XI Principal,G.Narendran   1Hr
2 6/10/2007 Parent Advocacy IX A,B Anandavalli   1Hr
3 8/10/2007 Pretest XI,IX A,B Anandavalli Qeustions from NAEP Workbook 30 mts
4 11/10/2007 Role Play XI,IX A,B Jose Herbert R
Hema R
Adolescent Problems 1 Hr
5 15/10/2007 Doctor’s Lecture XI,IX A,B Dr.Maithili Doubt Clearance 2Hr
6 7/11/2007 Love Thyself XI,IX A,B Jose Herbert R
Hema R
NAEP Workbook 1 Hr
7 17/11/2007 Quiz on healthy Growing Up XI,IX A,B Jose Herbert R
Hema R
NAEP Workbook 30 mts
8 1/12/2007 Rally XI   AIDS Day 1 Hr
9 1/12/2007 Lecture XI Samraksha,
1 Hr
10 4/12/2007 Game XI Jose Herbert R
Hema R
1 Hr
11 15/12/2007 Essay
XI,IX A,B Jose Herbert R
Hema R
Building a Healthy Society 1 Hr
11 19/12/2007 Doctor’s Lecture XI,IX A,B Dr.Lavanya Junk Food 1 Hr
12 19/12/2007 Doctor’s Lecture XI,IX A,B Dr.V.G. Sreenivasulu Obesity 1 Hr
13 12/12/2007 Poster Making Competition XI,IX A,B Jose Herbert R
Hema R
Healthy Food Habits 1 Hr
13 20/12/2007 Doctor’s Lecture XI,IX A,B Dr.J.Vetri Mannan Diabetes Mellitus 1 Hr
14 20/12/2007 Doctor’s Lecture XI,IX A,B Dr.Ranjini Gunaseelan AIDS
1 Hr




1. Parent advocacy for IX on 2/10/2007
Principal,Mr. G Narendran  initiated the meeting by telling the parents about the importance of life skills in every one’s life. He told them about the importance of team management which is required for the success of any institution. He told that NAEP will include awareness about diseases like HIV, AIDS etc.  as well as  safeguard them from all kinds of bad habits. Finally he told that lectures by doctors would be arranged where in the students can clear their doubts.
A leaflet on NAEP prepared by KVS was distributed before the starting of the meeting. They were asked to go through the NAEP activities which are given in the leaflet.
Mr.Jose Herbert Raj,PGT Physics, one of the nodal teachers also spoke on his experience in the NAEP workshop .He told the parents that all activities will be handled in the form of  role plays,debates,advertisement etc.
2. Parent advocacy for XI  on 6/10/2007
Mrs. Anandavalli, TGT English has conducted the meeting. Parents were informed briefly about NAEP. She also discussed the importance and need of NAEP.
Parents came up with many questions and doubts. It was an open house discussion. She  mentioned to them that NAEP was conducted successfully in the schools. It was also mentioned that students of X and XII were quite active  and very much interested in continuing the programme.
3. Pretest for IX and XI  on 8/10/2007
Pretest was conducted and the grey areas were noted down .Dr. Maithily was invited to clear their doubts.
4.Activity 1 –Role Play on Understanding Adolescence and Growing Up Process on 11/10/2007
The activity was conducted in two class rooms. Students were divided into groups of five. They were asked to do role plays on the following situations.
  1. Pimple problems
  2. In a special situation your friend is found smoking
  3. Asking for a lift to your boy/girl friend
  4. Relatives /uncle asking you to come with him telling that one of your family members is not well.
  5. Advertisement leads children to junk food
  6. Tattooing
  7. Mobile mania
  8.  Internet phobia
Students have come up with interesting role plays. Life skills were introduced to them briefly which helped them to identify life skills in their role plays.
5. Doctor’s Lecture by Dr. Mythily on reproductive system and doubt   clearance on 15/10/2007
Doctor’s lecture was arranged separately for girls and boys. She cleared the doubts of students based on the pretest. She also used O.H.P. to clear the doubts.
  • Love Thyself Activity on 7/11/2007
    Love Thyself handout was prepared and given to students of XI and IX .They were asked to fill the handout. Each student was made to read out their filled handout. The activity was concluded by telling them to identify their strong points and weak points. The students were asked to concentrate on their weak points and improve it.
  • Quiz on Healthy Growing Up on 17/11/2007
    Students were quizzed based on the questions of Let’s Clarify –Myths and Misconceptions Activity. Boys and girls were divided into groups and points were given based on their answers. The answers were clarified of the doubtful questions.
  • World AIDS Day on 1/12/2007
    The students were taken to BEML Medical Centre. A lecture was organized by Samraksha, NGO from Bangalore which was very informative .The doubts asked by the students were cleared.
  • Rally on AIDS Awareness on 1/12/2007
    Students took part in a rally on AIDS Awareness .Placards like “One life Partner,be AIDS free,”AIDS is not spread by mosquito bite or playing or swimming” were shown. Slogans like  “Fight against HIV and AIDS” and Prevent AIDS” were shouted by the students.
  • Game on AIDS Awareness on 4/12/2007
    The students actively participated in games which gave them an idea about the AIDS .It was very informative to them.
  • Poster Making Competition on Healthy Food Habits for Fruitful Living on 12/12/2007
    The above topic was given to the students and they made posters and slogans telling about healthy food habits to follow.
  • Essay Writing Competition on building a healthy society-a Future Scenario on 15/12/2007
    Students have written essays on the above topic which are very elaborative and containing many tips for building a healthy society.
  • Doctor’s Lecture by Dr.Lavanya K on Junk Food on 19/12/2007
    Doctor talked about Junk Food and its side effects on health.
  • Doctor’s Lecture by Dr.V.G Sreenivasalu on obesity on 19/12/2007
    Doctor gave a detailed picture about various types of proteins and the reasons for the obesity.
  • Doctor’s Lecture by Dr.J Vetri Mannan on Diabetes Mellitus on 20/12/2007
    Doctor talked about the infantile diabetes and how it will affect the students if not taken care.
  • Doctor’s Lecture by Dr.Rangini Gunaseelan  on AIDS Awareness on 20/12/2007
    Doctor gave them an introduction of AIDS and HIV .She also talked about the various measures taken to control AIDS.
Republic Day
The Republic Day celebration had an emphatic start with N.Somasekhar AGM(HR), Beml Ltd. ,hoisting the flag followed by melodious rendition of National Anthem and flag song. Mrs. Grace Navaneetham ,PRT presented a colourful dance on national integration. Kumari Jainab Neda of the IV class elaborated the rights and duties enshrined in the constitution for Indian citizens. Her farewell note on child labour brought thumbing applause from the chief guest. It was followed by several other cultural programmes.The vidyalaya also presented a colourful aerobics exercise and the dance drama sequence at Beml stadium.